No excuses 2017

So in a few days we’ll be starting a new year! Its going to be 2017. And  most of us will be starting our New Year’s resolutions.  2017 will be a year full of countless possibilities. But let’s not forget 2016. If you were like me and countless others, 2016 really wasn’t the year you wanted it to be. You may have made resolution that would made you into the person you always knew you were meant to be.  But things may have not worked out and you might have been faced with a lot of ups and downs, some negativity in your life, or something that happen that you would have never thought would have happen to you. Let’s say one of your goals in 2016 was to lose weight. So you may have started to go to the gym and after a few weeks a you lost the drive to lose that weight and started to make excuse. There’s no room for excuses in 2017. Whatever your goal is for 2017, you need to go out and get it. So if it is your goal to lose weight, you need to write down a daily or weekly plan. You can make a vision board so each week you have a goal to accomplish. This daily or weekly goal could be for you to lose one pound a week, or to stop drinking soda, or to not drink alcohol, no fried food, or no take out. Whatever it is put it on the a vision board where you can see it everyday. Make a short-term and long-term goals. There will be no excuses in 2017. There is unlimited resource to help you with whatever goals you are trying to achieve. There is no excuses anymore, the world is full of opportunities and possibilities so go out and grab it. Don’t sit back and let your dreams pass you by.


“Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again!”



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