Meet Valerie

I am a stay at home mother and wife of 4 wonderful children. I have 2 girl and 2 boys. Their ages are 13, 10, 1, and 3 months. As a stay at home mom I deal with a lot of ups and downs, emotionally and physically daily. In the process of being a mom I have currently lost who I am. I use to be fun-loving, fashion forward, I wouldn’t even go to the store without makeup. But now I’m just a mom who wears a bun, yoga pants and is covered in baby throw up. I know longer know any of the “tea” that’s going on with my friends or the outside world but I can sing every song on Nick jr. But since I am getting closer to 40 I have made a decision to make my dreams come true. I will no longer allow myself to be this way. I’m currently determine to make a path way to success by starting a boutique. I would love for you to join me in my daily, fun and busy adventures!


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