Breastfeeders Unite

To all the mothers with big, sore, leaky boobs, who’s fashion revolves around if your breast is  accessible…. I feel your pain! To the women who wants to lose weight but don’t want to sacrifice their milk supply I feel you.  To the women that breastfeed for more than one year, to the women that never gave up when they came home from the hospital because  we all know the first few weeks of breastfeeding is the hardest,  I thank you for not giving up. To the women that work 40+ hours a week and  has to pump at work  in the bathroom, I commend you.  To the women who wants a nice supportive bra that’s also a little sexy but don’t want to ruin it when your breast starts to leak…oh boy do I get you. To the women that never gave up even though it’s hard, I understand you! To the women that breastfeed in public without covering up and not feeling an ounce of shame or care how Society may feel, I commend you and I’m with you. No matter what people say or how they may feel, the needs of your baby comes first. When you decide to breastfeed you put all your needs, all your wants and your pride to the side to make sure your baby is taken care of. Society will never truly understand the love and care that goes into breastfeeding your baby. All the backlash you receive when you do breastfeed your baby in public will be enormous. No matter what don’t let the ignorance of society dictate whats best for your baby. I am a breastfeeding mama and I will always support and advocate for any woman to be one!


“While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent,it is the best choice for every baby.”-Amy Spangler