If I had a chance to meet my younger self.

Dear Valerie,

I know you are young and there is so much in the world that you can’t even begin to understand. You will experience death, love, hurt, confusion, and would be so lost when it comes to life. Your childhood will be a great one.You will get more than you could ever ask for, but deep down you knew that not having a father in your life will make you feel less than your friends that have the “perfect”family.  But because of this you would understand the importance of a man being a father and would never deny your kids a relationship with their father. You will not understand the value of your mind and body and your self-worth until you are well into your late 20s. You will have a baby out-of-wedlock at 21 and will feel that you must get married because that is what you thought was right. Your marriage will produce 1 more child. This marriage is very toxic and subjected you to so much hurt and pain, but from this you will become a better person and will have so much growth from all of this. During this time you will lose your greatest influence in your life, your grandmother. This will be the hardest thing you will every have to face in your life. You went into a deep depression and didn’t know how you will make it through. In your early 30s you will finally know who you are and what you deserve and you will meet the love of your life that will be your rock, your cheerleader, and everything you every needed and deserve in your life.  He will bless you with 2 beautiful kids and will show a side a life you never knew.

Even though you didn’t get the college degree you worked so hard for and you have lost jobs, been in-car accidents, that was an act of God that you walked away from unharmed, being in relationships that was abusive mentally and physically, you will still prevail. You will still hold on to the good in you. You wont let the past dictate who you are or who you will become.  You will become a wonderful, smart, and beautiful, loving women.

“Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding and lack of purpose with self-actualization.”-Bo Bennett