Crabs in a barrel…

 “If I can’t have it, neither can you. If I can’t do it, neither can you. If I can’t see the bigger picture, neither can you. If I can’t be successful, neither can you. If I can’t achieve more, neither can you. If I’m not happy you can’t be either”

Do you have any friends or family that is always negative?  Anytime they see anyone they know, (personally or not) that is doing better than them, they always have something negative and “petty” to say. This is all because they didn’t get what they wanted in life and they are miserable and bitter. The sad thing is, there’s so many people who have the crab in the barrel mentality, I see it everyday. I see it in my family, I see it in my friends, I see it within the African-American community and within women, and it is depressing, it is disgusting!  We should be uplifting each other, be there for each other, we should push the next person to do better and to strive for greatness and in return they will help you reach your level of greatness. Simple words of encouragement or networking would help someone more than you could possibly know but in today’s society no one wants anyone to see anyone do better than them.

“They want to see you do good but never better than them!!”-Unknown