Ladies we did it!!

It’s late Saturday night and I’m watching CNN and listening to George Michael Freedom! ’90! Today ladies we made history! Women marched around the world today. YES LADIES WE MADE HISTORY TODAY!!! In over 600 cities we marched and we protested, we let our voices be heard! We took a stance. We yelled, we screamed, and we carried signs all because we demand equal rights and also to protest Trump! Women of all race, ethnicities, and social class, came together today in unity.  I am so proud!! As a mom of 2 girls, I am so proud that one day my girls will see this and be astound that millions of women marched and protested so they can be seen as equal, so they will never be seen as less or deserving of less, that they are capable of greatness! No one of power will ever make them feel that they are just objects! I’M SO PROUD TO BE A WOMEN…. HEAR ME ROAR!!!